Muslim girls boycott exam in Karnataka after being asked to remove Hijab


Bengaluru, February 15 (KYA): Thirteen understudies from the Government High School in Shivamogga region of the Indian province of Karnataka, wouldn’t take the Class 10 preliminary assessment subsequent to being approached to eliminate hijab.

The understudies of the Government Public School of the Shivamogga region were halted by educators and requested to eliminate their hijab. The understudies, in any case, out properly wouldn’t evade hijab and requested that they be permitted to sit in tests.

The instructors and school executives attempted to persuade them by requesting that they compose tests in a different room without a hijab. Notwithstanding, the understudies dismissed the deal and chose to blacklist the assessment. Guardians of the young ladies, who arrived at school there, additionally upheld their youngsters and took them home saying that without hijab they can’t go to classes.

Aliya Mehat, an understudy who boycotted the test for hijab, said, “The court is yet to provide a request, anything it is we won’t take off the hijab. It is alright in the event that we don’t give tests. Tests are not significant for me, religion is significant. We won’t come to school on the off chance that hijab isn’t made obligatory. My folks have requested that I return home, whenever requested to remove my hijab,” she said.

In the interim, Congress officials in the state get-together of Karnataka went to the meeting of the gathering wearing dark identifications in the midst of hijab working together column under the initiative of Opposition pioneer Siddaramaiah. The party kept up with that they were “fighting the breakdown of sacred qualities during the organization of the BJP in the state.”

Kaneez Fathima, the Congress MLA went to the principal day meeting clad in hijab. While participating in dissent against limitations on wearing hijab by Muslim understudies, she had said that she would go to the Assembly meeting in hijab and tried the decision party to stop her. BJP MLC D.S. Arun went to the gathering wearing a saffron cloak.