Our Mission

Together For Kashmir

State of Jammu and kashmir is on agenda of several think tanks, international and local organisations as well as NGIs. Working in silos, the collective impact has always been minimal. Kashmir Youth Alliance aims at working together and urges all organisations to pool in whenever it is anything for kashmir cause. Working under umbrella of Kashmir Youth Alliance, the collective energies tend to unify for the cause.

Everyday for Kashmir

There are several days observed viz a viz IIOJK and the whole state of Jammu n Kashmir. KYA aims at a consistent discourse on Kashmir throughout the year, every month. This includes small corner meetings fortnightly and even district level programs every month.

Kashmir Updates

KYA has the uniqueness of having a core body which is directly related to IIOJK not just by blood but also by ideology. Bringing forth the latest happenings in the oppressed valley via twitter and youtube talk shows is a forte that has exposed india and its atrocities at a different level

Internationalization and internalization

It is very important to make the coming generations understand the vitality of IIOJK. The internal importance as well as the projection on international level is the main agenda of KYA through inclusive activism of all who share our ideology

Youth Engagement

Kashmir youth Alliance targets the real drivers of the nation. kashmir youth alliance houses more than 90 organizations, primarily youth who are engaged time and again in different activities highlighting the Kashmir cause. Being the pillars and future of nation, infusing the youth with latest developments in IIOJK is very important.

Research & Analysis

KYA aims at diversifying the kashmir conflict by facilitating research and thesis work on jammu kashmir. KYA has already become the main driving force in setting up kashmir chairs at different institutions and is supervising several thesis on kashmir conflict

Educating the Elite on Kashmir

KYA believes that one can only lobby for kashmir cause if one has studied about kashmir. KYA targets the parliamentarians and beaurocrates as they become special envoys on IIOJK across the world. Dividing different chapters of IIOJK atrocities among the parliamentarians and educating them about it with case profiles

Fifth Generation Warfare

In this Era of Fifth Generation Warfare, Kashmir Youth Alliance has used different social platforms to highlight the Kashmir Conflict. Kashmir Youth Alliance with its member organizations did different campaigns on Twitter using HTs on Kashmir. The HTs have made a global impact, while the outreach nationally has been remarkable. KYA Twitter has been targeted by Indian IT cells at different occasions for being a steadfast voice on IIOJK