AJK resident Tabarak Hussain martyred in custody of Indian army


A mentally challenged resident of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Tabarak Hussain, who recently inadvertently crossed the Line of Control in Rajouri district of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) was martyred in the custody of Indian army on Saturday.

Tabarak Hussain was shot at and arrested in injured condition by the Indian troops after he unintentionally crossed the LoC in Naushera area of Rajouri district in the month of August, reported the Kashmir Media Service (KMS).

Indian army claimed that he died of cardiac arrest.

Soon after his arrest in August, Indian army and media had trained their guns at Pakistan and unleashed their propaganda to prove that Tabarak Hussain was a terrorist sent by Pakistani authorities to carry out an attack on an Indian army post.

However, some videos of Tabarak Hussain had emerged on social media in which he didn’t seem to be a normal person and even a layman can judge that he is mentally unsound. In some of these videos, he was seen tied with ropes and chains so that he could not leave his home or harm himself or other people.

As part of Indian nefarious attempts to defame Pakistan and its intelligence agencies at the international level, Indian officials had claimed that Tabarak Hussain was paid a meager amount of Rs 30,000 by a colonel of Pakistan intelligence agency to attack the Indian army post.

As he was a mentally retarded person, the Indian authorities couldn’t present Tabarak Hussain before the world to malign Pakistan, so they killed him in custody.

It is worth mentioning here that Tabarak Hussain was also arrested in April 25, 2016 by the Indian authorities when he accidentally crossed the LoC and had to spend 26 months in imprisonment before being repatriated via Attari-Wagah border due to his mental condition.

India is attempting to defame Pakistan and the Kashmiris’ freedom struggle by resorting to malicious propaganda as the fascist Modi can resort to any wicked tactic to malign Pakistan and the Kashmiris’ indigenous resistance movement.