25 Years of Dr Faktoo in Jail; Conference organized by Islamabad Bar Association


On 7th Feb 2018, A conference was held at Shuhada hall, F8 district courts Islamabad arranged by Islamabad Bar association in association with Kashmir Youth Alliance in honor of Dr. Muhammad Qasim who completed his 25 years behind bars under Indian hegemony. The program was marked by recorded address by Aasiya Andrabi, Chairperson Dukhtaran-e-Millat from Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The Distinguished guests included Abdul Basit, Former High Commissioner of Pakistan to New Delhi and Mona Alam, Journalist and Analyst.

President District Bar, Riasat Ali Azad, uttered his complete support to Kashmiris across the line of control and vowed to hold such events in support and encouragement of Kashmiri Brethren who are living under constant threats of Indian brutal forces.

Mona Alam reiterated that the Indian Media and government are always at one page on Kashmir issue and degrade Pakistan’s stance actively in their talk shows. She mentioned that the President AJK should become active in highlighting the atrocities committed by Indian forces on both sides of line of control. Mona Alam also paid glorious tribute to Dr. Muhammad Qasim and declared him as true hero who remained steadfast in his principles.

A short Documentary on how Dr Qasim’s incarceration has affected the family and friends was also played.

His Excellency, Abdul Basit thanked the Bar for commemorating the 25 years of Dr. Muhammad Qasim. He spoke of the unwavering stand that Dr Qasim has taken for 25 years and has become a victim of Political Vendetta. His case is the unique case where Indian government forcefully changed the Jail manual to prolong his misery and caused miscarriage of justice. He paid tribute to Aasiya Andrabi, wife of Dr Faktoo, who lived only two years with her husband out of her 27 years of married life.

He also mentioned that Pakistan should fulfil its responsibilities with regards to Kashmir and maintain a firm aggressive stance internationally, instead of cowing back. Kashmir is not just a territorial issue but a national cause and needs to be argued with firm narrative.

APHC convener Syed Faiz Naqashbandi also called for release of Dr Qasim and implementation of UN resolution. The audience included civil society member’s particularly young doctors association representative Dr. Fazal Rabbi from Islamabad and youth association who also maintained firm support for Dr. Muhammad Qasim’s release and solidarity with Kashmir.