Kashmir cause needs individuals who can advocate and lobby for kashmir. NGIs together form a forum that can be impactful. So, for the individuals who are enthusiastic to work for kashmir cause can contribute as individuals.


Organisations, NGOs, Political parties, think tanks or other types of such groups/institutions looking to build network, work together and further the cause of Kashmir.kashmir youth alliance is a conglomerate of more than 90 organizations and is looking for more organizations who can join the alliance. Every organisation retains its identity but works on a bigger platform of KYA


Special membership for individuals in any capacity who are willing to take responsibilities in KYA Coordination Group. KYA is not a simple single organization, rather an alliance that works at district, divisional and central levels. We need individuals who are non aligned but true to Kashmir cause and can represent KYA at any of the operational levels. The main task is to collab with organizations in your area and incorporate individuals for general membership as well as special membership.