KYA organized Kashmir Solidarity Conference at Town Hall Kamoki


Gujranwala (10 Feb 2022): Kashmir Youth Alliance organized Kashmir Solidarity Conference at Town Hall Kamoki, in collaboration with Apex Group of Colleges, Kamoki Campus on Thursday. CEO Apex Group Rana Adeel Mumtaz, President KYA Dr Syed Mujahid Gilani, Secretary General KYA Razi Tahir, Principal Apex Afzal Qadri, Motivational Speaker Ismail Inam & Divisional President KYA Nauman Ali Hashim were participated.

While expressing his views Rana Adeel Mumtaz said Students should know our history and their knowledge about Kashmir issue is very important. We have to confront the nations of the world with the weapon of knowledge. “Dear Students Expose India’s lies through social media and become the voice of Kashmir” he added.

Dr Syed Mujahid Gilani said The third generation of Pakistan is with the people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and our relationship is getting stronger and deeper than ever. Youth of Pakistan are anxious for a solution to the Kashmir issue.

Secretary General KYA Razi Tahir said we congratulate the girl “Muskan” who has become a symbol of bravery in India. He did not abandon his traditions and declared rebellion against the ban on hijab. Every Muslim should show the same respect for their traditions. India is heading for disaster because of its anti-minority rulings and Hindutva ideology.