Kashmir Day Seminar by FAST Computing Society


A seminar titled ‘Kashmir Day’ was organized by FAST Computing Society at FAST University in Islamabad. President KYA Dr. Syed Mujahid Gilani was invited as keynote lecturer at the event. He presented the Kashmir conflict and discussed various ways in which Indian occupation has wreaked havoc in the land and lives of the Kashmiri people.

Other speakers included Imtiaz Wani, APHC leader and Sheikh Abdul Mateen General Secretary APHC. They reflected on the recent violations of human rights and the barbarism being committed by the Indian forces in IIOJK.

The presentations were followed by a Q&A session extending to an hour where students showed keen interest in the Kashmir scenario. They asked various questions about the past, present and future of IIOJK. The seminar ended with appreciation and applause for the students who made the event possible particularly the Computing Society President Mr. Nofil and Mr. Ahmed.