The Use of Drug as Weapon of War in IIOJK


Written By : R.R.K (Srinagar, IIOJK)

The main pillars of the future of Kashmir are being destroyed by drug addiction. Youth play a vital role in the development of a society and they are the economically most productive and biologically most reproductive part of society.

A report of the Government Psychiatric Hospital of Kashmir revealed that most of the drug addicts in the valley are youths. The rate of increase of drug addiction is so high in the valley that experts and academicians are warning that after one generation lost to bullets, another may be lost to drugs.

Naqshbandi in his paper “Drug addiction and youth of Kashmir” interviewed 270 young Kashmiri people in the age group of 16-30 years in different districts. His findings revealed that conflict and unemployment were the main reasons for drug addiction among the youth. As we know Kashmir is one of the most militarised conflict zones of the world.

The turmoil of the past many years has caused depression and psychological problems among a vast number of people here and due to this depression, many people have found drugs to be the only solution to get rid of stress.The kashmir dispute such as political turmoil, armed conflict, violence, terrorism, psycological distress, unfavourable environment conditions and rapid socio economic problems like poor industrial and infrastructural development, massunemployment, corruption, poverty, underdevelopment etc. Have leading a rising number of drug addicts in kashmiri society.